Micromate - Subminiature LVDT
Displacement Sensor
    Model:Subminiature LVDT
    Country of Origin:USA
    Use:Ideal for linear control and precision measurement applications, the Subminiature LVDT provides fast response and rugged packaging. 
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Ideal for linear control and precision measurement applications, the Subminiature LVDT provides fast response and rugged packaging. The Subminiature LVDT features micron resolution, linear analog output, flat dynamic response to kHz levels, and very low temperature coefficients. Its free sliding transducer core is lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant. Cores are precision ground to insure a close sliding fit within the open bore of the stainless-steel lined LVDT body. This precision allows the LVDT to achieve extremely high repeatability. The sensing head is capable of total submersion in aqueous environments.

High Performance
  • Sub-micron resolution with large stroke/size ratio
  • Frictionless design for robust use over millions of cycles
  • Suitable for use in harsh fluids and environments
  • High dynamic range for difficult measurements
Ease of Use
  • Plug and play usability
  • Easily customized to suit specific requirements
  • Signal conditioning options for any application

Electrical Specifications

Linear Stroke Lengths 4, 8, 24, 38 mm (standard resolution)
6 mm (high resolution)
500 µm or less (nano resolution)
Accuracy ± 1.0 % using straight line
± 0.1 % using polynomial
Sensitivity DEMOD® output / sensor range
Signal to noise 4200 to 1 (with filter 3 dB down at 800 Hz, standard resolution), 466 to 1 (unfiltered)
Resolution 1.0 µm for 4 mm stroke
2.0 µm for 8 mm stroke
6.0 µm for 24 mm stroke
9.5 µm for 38 mm stroke
0.6 µm for high resolution version
125 nm for nano resolution version (up to 10 nm resolution is possible with customized sensor range and electronics)
Frequency response 800 Hz standard, 20 KHz optional
Temperature coefficient offset 0.002% / ˚C (typical) span 0.030% / ˚C (typical)
Hysteresis ± 1 micron
Repeatability ± 1 micron
Mechanical Specifications
Overall body length 18.5 mm for 4 mm stroke
34.5 mm for 8 mm stroke
81 mm for 24 mm stroke
110 mm for 38 mm stroke
34.5 mm for high res version
34.5 mm for nano version
Outside diameter 4.76 mm (3/16 inch)
Housing material 300 stainless steel, smooth;
5/16 - 24 UNF threaded 400 stainless steel (optional);
M8x1.25-6g threaded 400 stainless steel (optional)
Attachment method optional: magnetic mounting block, threaded body, clamping collar
Leadouts 45 cm multistrand, shielded, stainless steel reinforced teflon insulated cable
Connector keyed 4 pin Lemo, polyolefin relief
Operating temperature -55 to 175 ˚C
Core weight 500 µm: 0.4 g, 4 mm: 0.4 g, 6 mm: 0.4 g, 8 mm: 0.4 g, 24 mm: 1.62 g, 38 mm: 1.67 g
Core material stainless steel
Cable diameter 0.070 “

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