SmartPipe Project
Release time:2018-11-23

The Smart Pipe® concept centers on a monitorable pipe liner that is a composite of various thermoplastic materials in monolithic and fibrous form.


The Smart Pipe® concept centers on a monitorable pipe liner that is a composite of various thermoplastic materials in monolithic and fibrous form. The liner is manufactured in a portable factory that starts with a polyethylene core pipe upon which a combination of longitudinal and co-helically wrapped fabrics, tapes and tows made of ultra high strength fibers, and fiber optic sensors, are positioned in stages. After being encased with a thin outer protective layer, the liner material is deformed into a “C” shape for insertion into a host pipe or riser. After being pulled into the host pipe, it is reformed into a tight fitting liner that is capable of sustaining very high internal pressures, external impacts, and bending stresses, while permitting continual condition monitoring.


Aim of monitoring:

The monitoring system consists of three (or more) SMARTProfile sensing cables that are placed over the reinforcement fabric and, a reading instrument and system software. Each of the three SMARTProfile cables, which are distributed uniformly around the circumference, has multiple optical fibers for redundancy. The fibers are enclosed in a gel filled tube with at least one optical fiber on each side of the tube. The optical fibers in the gel measure temperature changes without being influenced by strain. The optical fibers mounted adjacent to the tube respond to strains in the tight fit liner. In addition, free optical fibers can be used for communication purposes. The aim of the monitoring system is to provide the information concerning the structural condition such as deformation and deformed shape, but also to detect damages such as cracks or leakage.


Main results:

The preliminary tests were performed using DiTeSt and MuST technologies confirming the feasibility and performance. At this stage the results are not disclosed.
2005 – 2009
DiTeSt / DiTemp , MuST

Related Papers:

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The recommended scheme
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