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Release time:2018-11-23
Roctest has regularly contributed to the state-of-the-art in laboratory and in-situ testing equipment for soil and rock. Among others, we gained unique expertise with pressuremeters by developing, manufacturing, and marketing this type of equipment for over 40 years. Roctest significantly contributed to the introduction of this type of test in North America.


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Roctest offers a wide range of pressuremeters, rock dilatometers, and other testing equipment for soil and rock. We can assist you in identifying the best equipment for your project. Additionally, we offer training to use the equipment for optimum test results.


Benefits Of Pressuremeters And Rock Dilatometer Tests

The pressuremeter and rock dilatometer tests consist of placing a cylindrical probe in the ground and expanding it to pressurize the ground. The aim of this in-situ test is to obtain information on the stiffness and on the strength of the ground by measuring the relationship between the radial pressure applied to the ground and the resulting deformation.

This test offers many advantages.

Contrary to penetration tests, it can be performed in most types of soils and rocks.
This test produces an in-situ stress/strain curve, from which many important soil parameters can be calculated.
The loading sequence can be adapted according to the application (long or rapid loading, cyclic loading).
The pressuremeter is especially well adapted for the design of laterally loaded piles due to the close analogy between the pressuremeter tests and a laterally-loaded pile.
The validity of the test can be controlled by looking at the shape of the curve. Overall, it must be kept in mind that the pressuremeter test requires well-trained operators. When properly conducted, this test will yield valuable information making it a useful tool for various applications, especially:

  • Where undisturbed samples cannot be obtained;
  • Where other conventional in situ tests cannot be performed (e.g. in hard soils and rock);
  • On large projects where it is justified to obtain more and better information on the soil properties.




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Majun Elghidir Dam, Tunisia, 1991 (PROBEX)
Ironton-Russel Bridge, Ohio, 2005, (PROBEX)
Buffalo Gap Wind Farm, Texas, 2007 (TEXAM)
Pavement Subsurface Investigation, Key Largo, Florida, 2009 (PENCEL)
Wastewater Treatment Plant, Atotonilco de Tula, Hidalgo, Mexico, 2010 (TRIMODS)
Train Tunnel, Javorniky Mountains, Slovakia, 2012 (PROBEX)
Chamborigaud Tunnel, France, 2012 (PROBEX)
Stokton Mine, New Zealand, 2012 (PROBEX)
Substation, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, 2012 (TEXAM)
Duchesnay Power Line, Québec, Canada, 2013 (G-Am)
3rd Bosphorous Bridge Foundations – Istanbul, Turkey 2013 (PROBEX)
Panama canal, Panama, 2004-2014 (G-Am, PROBEX, M-1000)
Akkuyu Nuclear Plant Geological Investigation – Mersin, Turkey 2012-2014 (PROBEX)
Transmission Tower Replacement, DeKalb, Illinois, 2014 (TEXAM)
Eglington Crosstown Rapid Transit System, Toronto, Ontario,Canada, 2015 (TEXAM)


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