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Well Logging System
    Model: Elastmeter
    Country of Origiin: UK
    Use: The Elastmeter is a borehole lateral load tester designed to figure out deformation characteristics of the ground ranging from soft rock to hard rock. The deformation characteristics become useful information especially for the construction of large scale structures such as dams, bridges and high-rise buildings.
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The Elastmeter has a range of probes to provide pressuremeter tests of rock in BQ (60 mm), NQ (76 mm) and HQ (98 mm) boreholes. Both pressure and displacement are measured directly in the probe using electrical transducers. A mechanical arm is used for the measurement of displacement making maintenance easier. Applied pressure is measured by a precise semi-conductor transducer in the probe.

Pressuremeter and data recorder:
The system comes complete with data recorder, probe and cables for up to 200m use.

  • Probe Types: BQ (60 mm), NQ (76 mm) and HQ (98 mm)
  • Max Pressure: 20MPa
  • Deformation range: BQ Probe 66-80mm NQ Probe 76-90mm HQ Probe 100-115mm
  • Probe Diameter: BQ Probe 62mm NQ Probe 72mm HQ Probe 96mm
  • Weight: BQ Probe 20kg NQ Probe 20kg HQ Probe 30kg

Part Numbers
  • Model 4023 Elast Recorder
  • Model BQ Elastmeter Probe BQ
  • Model NQ Elastmeter Probe NQ
  • Model HQ Elastmeter Probe HQ
  • Model 4185 High Pressure Pump
  • 04181-2001 Control Cable 100m Model
  • 4153 High Pressure Cable
  • 04181-4024 Carrying case for probe - wooden
  • 04149-6005 Tool Kit
  • 04154-4005 Calibration pipe 76mm I.D for NX
  • 04154-4007 Calibration pipe 82mm I.D for NX
  • 15491-2010 Packer tube for NX - hard
  • 01167-0501 Battery pack with carrying bag
  • 12539-2015 Battery charger - 100 or 220V AC
  • 12539-9001 Step-down transformer
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