Automatic Hammer Tapping Void Detector - EC-1051 TRX Series
Concrete Durability Testing
    Model: EC-1051 TRX Series
    Country of Origiin: Japan
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By using this automatic hammer tapping void detector, the following defects in walls and slabs can easily be detected so that the falling hazards can be avoided with appropriate repair action taken:
  • Tile Debonding
  • Void or Delamination in concrete

Principle of Working
The hammer on the detection unit will hit automatically. The vibrating sound from the tile or concrete being hit will be collected yb the microphone, and analyzed. The sate of tile bedding or concrete in zone depth of 40mm (for concrete face without tile finishes) will be identified with results displayed in different LED lights.


TRX Series

Diagnostic Outcome: 
  • Light emitting diode display of three colors, warning sound at red.
    • Green -> Normal
    • Yellow -> Repair not required, though some bonding is loose
    • Red -> Repair required

Sesitivity switch: 50 - 120%, 8 Steps (10% Pitch)
For the tile of the RC Structural groundwork, under 100% Sensitivity,
  • Stability Level (kg/cm2):
    • Over Level 4 -> Green
    • Level 1 - 4 -> Yellow
    • Level 0 - 1 -> Red
Sensitivity changes depending on conditions of the groundwork and the bonding method, etc., please switch and use sensitivity according to the condition of investigating.

Continuous operation time: About 5 hours (when charge is completed)
Battery: Rechargable (Charge for 3 hours)
Range of use temperature humidity: 0 - 40C, Less than 85%

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