Proceq - Pundit Live Array Pro
Concrete Integrity Testing
    Model: Pundit Live Array Pro
    Country of Origiin: Switzerland
    Use: The wireless Pundit Live Array Pro tomography scanner is connected with an iOS app to an Apple® iPad. It comes with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) user support and 3D imaging capabilities.
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  • High resolution imaging of thickness variations, delaminations, voids and tendon ducts
  • Cursors for depth and horizontal displacement information
  • Settings directly accessible on measuring screen
  • AI positioning system
  • Automatic back wall detection
  • Automatic pulse velocity estimation

Your Benefits
  • Real-time tomography 
  • Smart A.I. user support and positioning
  • Increased productivity

Rugged, compact and lightweight Pundit Array Transducer. Standard: Single handed transducer. Dual handle upgrade for increased control (buttons on both handles, optimize gain settings and trigger a measurement). Upgrade to 16 channels for double the scan width

Measurement Accessories
  • Upgrade to 16 channel: Pundit Array Transducer (327 30 100), Pundit Array Transducer Extension Kit (376 30 377) and Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
  • Upgrade to dual handle: Dual Handle Kit (327 30 370)
  • Pundit Array Transducer Battery Pack Complete (327 30 337)
  • Rechargeable AA NiMH battery set of 6 (327 30 384S)
  • Calibrated tape set of 5 (327 01 071S)

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