GDS - Instrumented Hoek Cells (GDSHC)
Laboratory Rock & Soil Testing
    Model: Instrumented Hoek Cells (GDSHC)
    Country of Origiin: UK
    Use: Meets ASTM D-3999, ASTM D-5311, and ASTM D-6528 Standards. A highly sophisticated, research focused, version of the traditional Hoek cell that can be fully instrumented. 
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Product Code : GDSHC

A highly sophisticated, research focused, version of the traditional Hoek cell that can be fully instrumented. With 70MPa cell pressure and maximum loads up to 2MN.


The GDS Instrumented Hoek Cell uniquely combines the measurement versatility of a high pressure triaxial cell with the compact size, simplicity, ease of use and high testing throughput of a traditional Hoek-Franklin type cell. 

Key features Benefits to the user
Fixed Core Sleeve: The core sleeve can be left in place for multiple samples. Subsequent tests can be performed with minimum preparation and set-up time. 
Top cap and pedestal drainage lines: Samples can be saturated and permeability tests carried out
Electrical Feedthroughs as standard: Up to 18 electrical feedthroughs to allow internal sensors to be used, also 18 channels are user configurable to any of the following: single 50Ohm coaxial, triple 50Ohm coaxial or 5 pin.
Hardened Stainless steel topcap: Can be used with saturated samples, also reduces corrosion to the cell, especially with temperature upgrades.
Optional Acoustic Velocity System:
  • Measure vertically propagating P-, S1- and S2- waves
  • Horizontally propagating P-, S1- and S2- waves to two directions
Optional Passive and Active Mode Acoustic Emission sensors:
Hit counter: logs the number of AE events only
  • Passive Mode: AE monitoring and event localisation
  • Active Mode: For Velocity Tomographic Surveys
Optional Environmental Control:
Temperature controlled testing to either:
  • Ambient to +100°C
  • -20°C to +85°C
  • In cell temperature monitoring in up to three locations
Local Strain Measurement: Cantilever sensors for measuring radial displacement

Axial Load



381mm diameter, 305mm high

Pressure Range (MPa)


Sample Sizes

38 x 76.2 and 50.8 x 101.6

Weight Approx (kg)


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