WESSEX - Pendulum
Road Surface Testing
    Model: Pendulum
    Country of Origin: UK
    Use: Road surface testing
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The Pendulum is established globally as an essential part of risk management policies in the following areas: 
  • Road surface testing 
  • Testing of new road surface materials under development 
  • Testing of aggregates in the PSV (polished stone value) test 
  • Testing of floors and pedestrian walkways 
  • Flooring materials product development 
  • Accident investigations, both traffic and pedestrian 
  • Litigation investigations 
  • Testing of pavers in the Flat Bed Polisher 
It is used in the following ways: 
  • Assessing surface safety 
  • Evaluation of floor cleaning materials 
  • Checking effectiveness of maintenance procedures 
  • Accident investigations 
  • Evidence for litigation purposes
Physical Data: 
  • Width - 70cms 
  • Depth - 30cms 
  • Height - 70cms 
  • Volume - 0.15 cu metres 
  • Weight - 30kg 
  • BS 812 Pt. 114 
  • BS EN 1097-8 Determination of Polished Stone Value 
  • AS/NZS 4586:1999 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials 
  • BS 6077 Pt 1 Clay and calcium silicate pavers for flexible pavements. 
  • BS 7044 Artificial sports surfaces: person/surface interaction. 
  • BS 7188 Impact absorbing playground surfaces 
  • BS 8204 In-situ flooring, part 3 Code of practice for polymer modified cementitious wearing surfaces. 
  • ASTM E303 Standard Method for - Measuring Surface Frictional Properties Using British Pendulum 
  • BS 7976 Method of operation and calibration of the pendulum tester. 
  • EN 1436 : 1997 Road Marking Materials BS EN 13036-4:2003 Road and Airfield surface characteristics 

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