Geomil - Orca 125 Down-The-Hole CPT and Soil Sampling System
Release time:2018-11-29
Offshore / Onshore Down-the-hole CPT & soil sampling system

The standard version of the Orca-125 system is designed for depths up to 1 200 m and is available for various drill systems and can be deployed for either wire line or umbilical operation.

The Orca-125 system consists of three separate down-the-hole tools:

Orca-CPT Tool

The Orca-CPT Tool is able to perform downhole CPT’s at a maximum thrust force of 125 kN. Two cone sizes are available, a 10 cm² cone version and a downscaled 5 cm² cone version. The latter allows for greater penetration force per cm². The Orca-CPT Tool is available with stroke lengths of 1.50 and 3.00 m.

Orca-PST Piston Sampler

The Orca-PST Piston Sampler allows undisturbed in-situ soil samples in soft ground conditions (Ø 3” or Ø100 mm, L = 1 m) to be obtained.

Orca-PSH Push Sampler

The Orca-PSH Push Sampler is suitable for soil and sediment (Ø3” or Ø100 mm, L = 1 m).

The Geomil Equipment Orca-125 is a versatile and fully integrated Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) testing and sampling system for downhole use. It is designed to be combined with several existing drilling methods. The standard version of the Orca-125 system is designed for water depths up to 1,200 m and is available for various drill systems. The Orca-125 can be deployed as a wire line or an umbilical operated tool. With the Orca-125 interval CPT and soil sampling can be conducted intermittently. After completion of a CPT or soil sampling, drilling can be advanced to the next test depth, where the program can continue until final investigation depth is reached. The CPT data can be received in real time if the unit is used in conjunction with the umbilical. When used in wire line mode, the CPT data can be downloaded once the Orca-125 is retrieved to the surface. In umbilical mode, the Orca-125 is supported by an umbilical winch that can run all tools. The umbilical mechanical end can be easily shifted from the OrcaCPT tool to either the PSH or PST tool. During the CPT, the data is displayed in real-time. The Orca-125 ensures high efficiency and repeatable quality of test results. Up to a maximum thrust force of 125 kN.


A complete Orca-125 system consists of:
  • Orca-CPT, the tool to perform CPT tests It supports either 5 or 10 cm² cones For the 10 cm² cone a 1.50 m and 3.00 m stroke version is available
  • Orca-PST, the piston sampler tool, for high quality sampling in soft soil conditions (Ø = 3 ” or 85 mm, L = 1.00 m)
  • Orca-PSH, the push sampler tool, suitable for window sampling where the Orca-PST would be too delicate (Ø = 3 ” or 100 mm, L = 1.00 m)
  • Orca-HPWP, high pressure water pump
  • CT winch, incl. Orca-umbilical and termination
  • Umbilical sheave
  • Orca data control box

Suitable drill systems and sizes:
  • API 6 5 /8 ” FH
  • Geobor S (or equivalent)
  • API 4 1 /2 ” IF (Orca-90, max. 90 kN) Alternative sizes can be accommodated when technically feasible.
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