Geomil - Manta 200 Seabed CPT System
Release time:2018-11-29
Seabed CPT system



The Manta-200 represents the latest generation Cone Penetration Test (CPT) system for determining offshore seabed soil conditions.

Deployed from a steady positioned vessel or platform, the Manta-200 is designed for rapid and reliable results.

Its versatility and flexibility are outlined in the items below:
  • modular system weight 5-28 tons
  • rate of penetration 5 – 26 mm/sec
  • retraction speeds 18 – 80 mm/sec
  • thrust capacity 0 – 200 kN, option 250 kN(depending on dead weight)
  • interchangeable multi-spread hoisting frame
  • capable of driving 55 casing tubes in soft top layers
  • basic setup transportable in a standard 20 ft. sea freight container

The Manta-200 represents Geomil Equipment’s Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) system for seabed operations. Since its introduction in 2013 it has successfully completed challenging projects around the world and its performance is unsurpassed.

Available in three different configurations, the Manta200 is suitable for almost any project:
  • Shallow Water (SW), up to 150 m water depth
  • Medium Deep Water (MDW), up to 500 m
  • Deep Water (DW), up to 1,200 m 


The Manta-200 is built around our in-house developed Continuous Drive System (CDS) that was designed with a clear focus on durability and high production. It also guarantees uninterrupted penetration of the cone.

Main characteristics of the Manta-200:
  • power and communication via umbilical
  • modular system weight 5 - 28 tons
  • variable penetration rate 0 - 45 mm/s
  • retraction speeds 0 - 80 mm/s
  • thrust capacity 0 - 200 kN, option 250kN
  • real-time CPT data at surface
  • interchangeable hoisting frame
  • capable of driving 55 mm casing tubes
  • basic setup transportable in a 20 ft container 


A standard Manta-200 package consists of the following items:
  • base frame with CDS, submersible power pack
  • standard skirt
  • diagonal hoisting frame (32 mm hoisting wire)
  • control and data acquisition unit

The Manta-200 measures approx. 2,212 x 2,212 x 2,225 mm (L x W x H) when being transported.

Optional supporting items:
  • main hoisting winch
  • tensioner
  • rod winch (constant tension)
  • umbilical winch (constant tension)
  • skirts in various designs
  • hoisting frames in various designs
  • several flexible weight options
  • seabed plate load test (SPLT)
  • seabed sampling capabilities
  • seismic CPT
  • push force measurement
  • echo sounder
  • training
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