SoilVision - SV Office 5/WR
    Model: SV Office 5/WR
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: SVOFFICE™5/WR has been developed for hydrogeologists and is centered on the integration of the powerful FEHM finite element solution engine developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). 
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SVOFFICE™5/WR has been developed for hydrogeologists and is centered on the integration of the powerful FEHM finite element solution engine developed by Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The completion of phase one has resulted in the release of SVFLUX™WR which utilizes the front-end/back-end user-friendly interfaces of SVOFFICE™5 to build complex 3D regional numerical models. The SVFLUX™ module is integrated with the SVDESIGNER™, SVSOILS™, and SVSLOPE® modules in the SVOFFICE™5/WR suite. This powerful combination allows hydrogeologists to create complex numerical models and have the calculated pore-water pressures subsequently imported and utilized by geotechnical engineers in a slope stability analysis.

SVOFFICE™5/WR Suite Includes...


Key features of SVOFFICE™5/WR:

  • Powerful Front/Back-End to the FEHM Control Volume Finite Element Solverfor SVFLUX™WRSVHEAT™WR and SVCHEM™WR
  • Fully Coupled: Conductive and convective thermal models
  • Multiple Components and Chemical Reactions are Considered with SVCHEM™
  • Large-Scale Regional Groundwater Flow Analysis
  • Thin Layer Model Support
  • Advanced 3D Unstructured Meshes with Pinchouts
  • Double Porosity/Double Permeability Modeling Capabilities: Simulate realistic and detailed analysis such as fractive reservoir flow
  • Non-Isothermal Multiphase Modeling of Water/Vapor
  • 3D Modeling Solutions: Systems which are not adequately represented by a simplified 2D cross section may be accomplished in full 3D. Examples include regional flow, levee analysis, and open pits
  • NEW SVDESIGNER™ Conceptual Modeling Module: This brand new software program is tightly integrated within SVOFFICE™5/GT and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level
  • Simplified Model Building Process
  • Automatic Mesh Generation and Manual Refinement: Enhances model stability, accuracy, and convergence
  • Newton-Raphson Method: Implicit, fully coupled solution of non-linear equations
  • NEW SVSOILS™: Formerly SoilVision®... a database of unsaturated hydraulic, thermal and stress soil properties has been completely rewritten and redesigned
  • Mesh Integration with SVDESIGNER™
  • Easy to Use: Featuring a familiar user interface with easy to understand functions and redsigned icons. The menu system has been redesigned to simplify the number of choices to the user, greatly reducing the complexity of the software interface and providing a better user experience.
  • High-Performance Graphics Engine: Allows for the creation of large, complex models, excellent responsiveness for fluid transformations, stunning vizualization of results and a fantastic user experience
  • NEW SVOFFICE™5 Manager: Provides a more intuitive experience when managing projects and models
  • Improved Charting: High quality, exportable charts.
  • World Class Support: Dedicated, responsive team
  • QAQC: Comprehensive testing and verification program.

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