SoilVision - SV Office 5/GE
    Model: SV Office 5/GE
    Country of Origin: Canada
    Use: SVOFFICE™5/GE uses the power of the FlexPDE® finite element solution engine. FlexPDE™ provides the benefits of a general finite element solver, fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement in 1D, 2D, and 3D models.
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SVOFFICE™5/GE uses the power of the FlexPDE® finite element solution engine. FlexPDE™ provides the benefits of a general finite element solver, fully automatic mesh generation and mesh refinement in 1D, 2D, and 3D models.

The mature and simplified user interface is the result of 14 years of refinement and features a brand new “dual-mode” project manager. It helps new users get up and running fast and presents more advanced users with an expanded, fully-featured user interface.

The suite offers a geotechnical and geoenvironmental applications focus and is well suited for solving complex flow and contaminant transport models.

SVOFFICE™5/GE Suite Includes...

Key features of SVOFFICE™5/GE:

  • Multi-Plane Slope Stability Analysis: The SVSLOPE® module enables rapid, thorough, and simple to perform analysis of a 3D site at many locations simultaneously
  • Advanced Orientation Analysis: Models can now be built fully in 3D and a slip in any arbitrary sliding direction can be analyzed. This ability is exclusive to the SVSLOPE®3D module and is not offered by any other competing product.
  • Automatic Mesh Generation and Manual Refinement: Automatic mesh generation and manual refinement greatly enhances model stability, accuracy, and convergence
  • Advanced Model Coupling: Coupling of the air/water/thermal phases allows more comprehensive analysis of i) cover designs and, ii) waste rock flow, and iii) various other applications. Coupled density-dependant flow allows handling of salt-water/ fresh water potash mine tailings scenarios and tidal inflow scenarios.
  • 3D Modeling Solutions: Modeling of systems which are not adequately represented by a simplified 2D cross section may be accomplished in full 3D. Examples include regional flow, levee analysis, and open pits
  • NEW SVDESIGNER™ Conceptual Modeling Module: This brand new software program is tightly integrated within SVOFFICE™5/GT and allows for the representation and manipulation of complex 3D geometry and takes 3D modeling to a whole new level
  • Spatially Varying Material Properties: Material properties may be set to vary spatially in any particular region of the model domain. This is available in our SVSLOPE®3D and SVFLUX™GE modules.
  • Comprehensive Probabilistic Analysis: Monte Carlo, APEM, Latin Hypercube and other types of probabilistic analysis may be carried out in our SVSLOPE® module. Monte Carlo analysis for steady state models can be carried out in our SVFLUX™GE module.
  • NEW SVSOILS™: Formerly SoilVision®... a database of unsaturated hydraulic, thermal and stress soil properties has been completely rewritten and redesigned
  • Mesh Integration with SVDESIGNER™
  • 3rd Party Model Import: SVSLOPE®3D can import models from SLOPE/W, Slide and CLARA-W for further analysis
  • Easy to Use: Featuring a familiar user interface with easy to understand functions and redsigned icons. The menu system has been redesigned to simplify the number of choices to the user, greatly reducing the complexity of the software interface and providing a better user experience.
  • High-Performance Graphics Engine: Allows for the creation of large, complex models, excellent responsiveness for fluid transformations, stunning vizualization of results and a fantastic user experience
  • NEW SVOFFICE™5 Manager: Provides a more intuitive experience when managing projects and models
  • Improved Charting: High quality, exportable charts.
  • World Class Support: Dedicated, responsive team
  • QAQC: Comprehensive testing and verification program.

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