OYO - Multi Water Quality Meter
Water Quality Monitoring Instrument
    Model: Multi Water Quality Meter
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: Multi Water Quality Meter consists of sensor probe to measure each water quality contents and handy logger to retrieve the monitoring data.
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Multi Water Quality Meter consists of sensor probe to measure each water quality contents and handy logger to retrieve the monitoring data.

Standard water quality contents are five (5) items that are pH, DO (dissolved oxygen), EC (electrical conductivity), temperature and turbidity, and total maximum 10 items can be optionally increased.

Compact design is applied and these instruments are portable. Hence, it is useful / reasonable for water quality check in the dam reservoir and lake. Also, low power consumption design contributes to realization of continuous monitoring in a borehole for the groundwater quality check.

User can expand this stand-alone monitoring system to remote monitoring system using GSM i-SENSOR data transfer unit smoothly/reasonably.

  • Salinity, TDS (total dissolved solution) and ocean water gravity is converted from conductivity.
  • pH sensor has pressure compensation function and applies Strong-pH electrode with toughness.
  • DO sensor applies no motion DO electrode which makes possible to measure at no fluid flow.
  • It can be installed in 50 mm PVC pipe because of the compact design.
  • Because of low power consumption design, power source is only three (3) pieces of marketed AA batteries and 1 month continuous monitoring is available.



Display Digital display switching for each item
Waterproof structure Terminal : JIS C 0920 IP67, immersion proof type
Sensor module Pressure resistant 1.0 MPa, waterproof
Interface RS-232C
Analog output DC 0 to 1 V, 2ch (output of selected 2 parameters)
Conductivity range output 1ch, non-isolated
Open collector output Alarm output 1 point, DC 36 V, 100 mA and less
Measurement timing output 1point, DC 36 V、100 mA and less
Memory Individual memory in each sensor module
Data storage of 35 days every 15 minutes interval monitoring for all modules
Power Terminal : 2 AA batteries or an AC adapter (option)
Sensor module : 3 AA batteries
Size Terminal : H187.5 × W75 × D37.5 mm
Standard sensor module φ45 × L412 mm
Weight (excluding batteries and cables) Terminal : Approx. 0.32 kg
Standard sensor module Approx. 1.35 kg
Operation temperature range 0 to +50 degree C
pH / ORP (option) Glass electrode method / platinic electrode method
Measurement range 0.00 to 14.00 / -2,000 to 2,000mV
Repeatability ±0.05 pH / ±5 mV
DO Calvanic membrane electrode method
Measurement range 0.00 to 20.00 mg/l
Repeatability ±0.1 mg/l
Electrical conductivity AC 4 electrodes method
Measurement range 0.00 to 10.00 S/m
Repeatability ±1 % FS
Temperature Thin film platinum resistance
Measurement range -5.00 to + 55.00 degree C
Repeatability ±0.25 degree C
Turbidity 90 degree scattered light method
Measurement range 0.00 to + 800.0 NTU / 0.0 to 800.0 mg/l
Repeatability ±3 % FS

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