TML - Smart Dynamic Strain Recorder DC-204R/DC-204Ra
    Model: Smart Dynamic Strain Recorder DC-204R/DC-204Ra
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: The DC-204R and DC-204Ra are compact flash storage type dynamic strain recorder featuring ultra-small size.
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The DC-204R and DC-204Ra are compact flash storage type dynamic strain recorder featuring ultra-small size.They can also measure DC voltage and thermocouple by using optional cable and adaptor. The DC-204Ra has analog output (±5V) function for external recorder or automotive ECU. The frequency response is 10kHz and sampling speed is 200kHz at the fastest. The standard software DC-7204 can control 8 units of DC-204R/DC-204Ra (32 channels) at the maximum.


  • 4-channel configuration with miniature size like postcard
  • 200kHz sampling (at the fastest in 1-channel mode)
  • Simultaneous 50kHz sampling for 4 channels
  • Capable of measuring a large strain of up to 80000×10-6 strain (with 0.5V excitation)
  • Data recording in compact flash card of 2Gbyte capacity
  • Automatic data protection against power failure. When the power is droped unexpectedly, stops measurement and stores data before turning off the power.
  • Data format conforms to DADiSP format
  • External start/stop and external trigger
  • Sensor open-circuit check function
  • USB Interface installed and standard control software supplied


Type DC-204R/DC-204Ra
Number of channels 4
Measuring object Strain
DC voltage (with optional CR-4010)
Thermocouple (with optional TA-01KT)
Measuring range ±80000×10-6 strain (at 2V excitation) 
DC voltage (±1V, 2V, 5V, 10V, 20V in 5 ranges)
Frequency response DC~10kHz (-3dB±1dB)
Gauge resistance 120~1000(Ω)(Full bridge)
Max Saving speed 5µs (in 1-ch use only), 10µs (in 1-,or 2-ch use only), 20µs (4-ch)
Analog output
(DC-204Ra only)
Voltage output : ±5V(5kΩ load) ±1mA
Output accuracy : ±0.3%FS
Calibration output : ±1V (added to the input value)
Dimensions 84(W)×42(H)×157(D)mm
Weight 500 g
Power supply DC10~16V 0.4A MAX.

DC-204R    STQ170246
DC-204Ra  STQ170247
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