TML - Carrier type Dynamic Strainmeter DA-38A
    Model: Carrier type Dynamic Strainmeter DA-38A
    Country of Origin: Japan
    Use: The DA-38A is a carrier wave type dynamic strainmeter with high frequency response of 10kHz.
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The DA-38A is a carrier wave type dynamic strainmeter with high frequency response of 10kHz. It features easy operation and excellent noise resistivity. Digital sensitivity setting method is adopted to enable easy and accurate setting. Also provided is digital display function of measurement value for reliable dynamic measurement. One unit is for one measurement channel, and two or more units can be installed in an exclusive case or rack to make a multi-channel system. In combination with TEDS transducer, sensitivity is automatically set.


Frequency response of DC ~10kHz
Carrier wave bridge excitation provides excellent resistivity to noise
Always checks disconnection of strain gauges and cable
Two output monitors provided; Digital display and level meter
Lower power consumption compared to conventional models
Automatic tracking capacity balancing
Reading and automatic setting of TEDS transducer
Dual output
Built-in low-pass filter
Possible external control for balancing and calibration signal output


Type DA-38A
Number of channels 1
Measuring object Strain
Measuring range ±50000×10-6 strain (at 2V excitation)
Frequency response DC~10kHz
Dimension 40(W)×140(H)×266(D)mm
Weight 750g
Power supply AC90~264V 50/60Hz
8.5VA Max.(AC100V)
13VA MAX.(AC240V)
DC10~30V 0.27A (DC12V)

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