Force III Vibrator Control System
    Model: Force III
    Country of Origin: USA
    Use: The Force 3 Vibrator Control System is the newest generation of vibrator control system. It is designed to control individual vibes, or synchronize entire fleets of trucks.
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Advanced Acquisition Electronics

The Force 3 Vibrator Control System is the newest generation of vibrator control system. It is designed to control individual vibes, or synchronize entire fleets of trucks. Using GPS, or VHF/UHF radio, for its time base the Force 3 both starts the Vibrator and controls its sweep with unparalleled precision and accuracy.
The Force 3 is equipped with the latest ADC chips for better sweep resolution, increased computing power for faster response, GPS for precise source location, 8 Gbytes of internal memory for integrated VSS and PSS data storage, and integrated Wi-Fi for easy data offloading.

Advanced Acquisition Techniques

The Force 3 supports all acquisition modes and can switch seamlessly between them. Crews can change between techniques as the environment and situation requires, increasing their acquisition production.
The Force 3 controller's superior electronics generate better sweeps in worse conditions and tougher terrain. This helps ensure better data wherever the crew is operating.
The Force 3 operates either integrated or autonomously. Use integrated mode for multiple fleets of multiple units, or autonomous mode for vibrators in rough or remote terrain.
The Force 3 supports simultaneous control of multiple source types. Crews can record multiple Vibrator fleets, dynamite shooters, AWD weigh drops, and even air gun equipped boats from a central platform.


Force 3 Features Include:
  • SSC Compatible – Operates seamlessly with UE 2, Boom Box 3, & RTM 3 units
  • Integrated Radio Interface – Force 3 can be used with almost any radio
  • Integrated GPS Interface – Force 3 sends source location back to recording system
  • Equipped with internal memory – can operate autonomously without radio
  • Integrated Ethernet – Control Force 3

High-Productivity solutions from Seismic Source

Complete Vibrator Control System

  ✓ Fully compatible with all servo-hydraulic vibrators
  ✓ Maximum Force output with minimum distortion
  ✓ Stable, Fault tolerant system
  ✓ Automatic Vibrator Calibration
  ✓ Dual Accelerometer circuits

Meshed Wireless Ethernet System

  ✓ High speed wireless communication
  ✓ Vibrator Group messages
  ✓ Automated group Center of Gravity (COG)
  ✓ Source Driven operation
  ✓ Wireless Digital Similarities
  ✓ Upload Custom Sweeps

GPS Location and System Timing

  ✓ GPS time synchronization
  ✓ VHF timing verification
  ✓ Centimeter accurate GPS

Vibrator Navigation Software

  ✓ SSC Navigator program
  ✓ Allows Stake-less Navigation

Includes Legacy Mode

  ✓ Compatible with Standard Radios
  ✓ Compatible with Standard Timing
  ✓ Compatible with Standard Crews

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