Hanwell - ULM Universal Light Meter
    Model: ULM Universal Light Meter
    Country of Origin: UK
    Use: The Hanwell Pro Universal UV and LUX Light Meter is a versatile and accurate indicator used to monitor LUX and UV providing instant reading.
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UV and LUX Light Meter

The Hanwell Pro Universal UV and LUX Light Meter is a versatile and accurate indicator used to monitor LUX and UV providing instant reading.

Instrument Specifications

Dimensions: 170 x 85 x 35 mm
Weight: 400 grams
Power Supply: Disposable pp3 volt battery
Case Material: Black ABS
Angular Response: Cosine

Technical Specification

LUX Sensor: 
Dimensions: 33mm diameter x 22mm Deep
Type: Photometric diode detector
Visible Wavelength: 400 to 700 nM
Visible Power: 10 to 20000 LUX
Colour Response: Human eye (Error<6%)
LUX Accuracy: 10LUX +/- 1% reading

Humidity Sensors:
Type: Silicon Carbide
UV Proportion: Greater than 10 μW/Lumen
UV Power: 0 to 8000 mW/m2
UV Wavelength: 250 to 400nM
UV Accuracy: 10 mW/m2 +/- 1% reading (calibration spectrum)

Indicator Functions

LCD Display
Battery Life: 24 months

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