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First Ever Accelerated Transportation Loading System (ATLaS) to be used in China.
Release time:2019-01-31
First Ever Accelerated Transportation Loading System (ATLaS) to be used in China.

The first ever Accelerated Transportation Loading System is being used at the Jilin province traffic research center, January 7th followed by a total of 10 days event and training.  Members of the Jilin province department of transportation, deputy director – Ji Jingyi, Research Head – Yan Qiubo, Engineering head – Wang Chaohai, Deputy – Chen Dongfeng, ARA Vice president – Robert Edward, Earth Products China Ltd. General Manager – Huang Yue, and other leadrs of the traffic research institute has participated in the attendance of the opening ceremony.

                                                                         ATLaS Opening Ceremony

                                                                Department of Transportation Site Visit

As the opening ceremony marks the history of the first ever Accelerated Transportation Loading System in China in Jilin province. This attracts the attention of peers and supporters, followed by site observations to see the ARA ATLaS in action.

                                                                       ATLaS Site Observation

Accelerated Transportation Loading System (ATLaS). These systems greatly reduce the time and effort required to gain data regarding the lifespan and limits of road surfaces by simulating many years of traffic loading in months

The System can be built to test a variety of load types based on customer specifications. These tend to be based on typical maximum load. 

Available options include:
  • Wheel wander
  • Environmental controls (temperature cycling, freeze-thaw cycles)
  • Braking
  • Tire pressure control
  • Tire type (dual, single, full dolly)
  • Automated testing
  • Remote monitoring
  • Portability
  • Unidirectional Loading
  • Bidirectional Loading
  • Service Agreements

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