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2019 DMAPT Training Course Registration Starts Now!
Release time:2019-02-25

To increase the knowledge and skills of our engineers. Earth Producst China Ltd. And PDI along with USA PDCA has created the DMAPT China Certification Program for Asia Pacific Regions as a unique method to obtain recognition. Since 2012, this is the 7th annual certification program successfully held.

The 2019 DMAPT China Certification Program now open for registration. This years time and location will be according to your suggestions! Fill in a suggestion form and email your thoughts to The results will be announced during mid 2019. We look forward to your participation.


Attendees that participate in filling in a suggestion form will also be rewarded with a basic fundamental pile testing manual and also a secretly surprising reward!

1、What is DMAPT?


Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test aka DMAPT is a proficiency test developed together by PDI and PDCA, suitable for pile testing experts of China. The Proficiency Test is used to test the knowledge and skill sets of the engineers. The passing engineers are rewarded with certification. The certificate demonstrates the knowledge, proficiency, data analysis, skills and CAPWAP knowledge of the particular individual, recognized internationally.

    Certificate (Chinese)                                Certificate (English)                                Certificate of Participation

2、Who should attend the program?

Individuals who are interested in the certification of PDA and CAPWAP users, can use the certification as a globally recognized fundamental to satisfy other enterprises or qualifications.


3. Examination Syllabus

Examination Category

◆ wave propagation theory

◆PDA Data Handling and Analysis

◆PDA Usage

◆Data Quality Analysis

◆ Software Analysis


4、Examination Format

The test will be 60 multiple choice questions, with a 90 minute time frame. Candidates are required to bring their own calculators, cellphones or other electronic devices are prohibited


Suggested Studies and Learning Criterias

  • Best way is to gain training through PDA in-situ testing and field experiences
  • Attend Pile Testing and Fundamental Training Programs offered by Earth Products China Ltd., please visit the website for more info (
  • Pile Testing and Fundamental Training Programs Learning Materials
  • PDA Manual Appendix A
  • PDA Manual Useful Tips
  • CAPWAP User Manual Background Info.
  • PDA Data


Last 4 Criterias are given with the purchase of PDA equipment. If you are unable to use the user manual or data, please contact 

5、Exam Results and Validation Period



Required Mark

Certificate Valid Period





85- 92%

8 years


75- 84%

6 years


65- 74%

4 years



2 years



1 years*

*For Grade E, the valid period starts count from the day of examination.

Candidates given the certificate can go to to check for validation.


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