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Invitation | 2019 Highway Asphalt Mixture Testing Technical Conference CONTROLS Group (Announcement)
Release time:2019-02-25
Invitation |  2019 Highway Asphalt Mixture Testing Technical CONTROLS Conference (Announcement)

Posted Date:2019-02-25

In recent years, with the rapid change in engineering and electronic technology, highway asphalt mixture testing has also come to a new era. With the pre-existing traditional methods, we now shift to a calculated control highly dynamic mechanical testing criteria. The structure and material of the design method of asphalt surface has shifted from the simple marcus design to a more powerful experienced experimental design. The newer design takes in account the weather conditions, daily traffic, overload, and structural strength etc. datas. The traffic transportation department 2017 launched the new JTG D50 standard, indicating our country and international standards are now in sync.

As the worlds biggest manufacturer leader in highway materials testing CONTROLS company and China's main civil engineering testing instruments trading company Earth Products China Ltd collaborates together for the upcoming highway asphalt mixture testing conference. We are honored to be able to invite China's famous highway engineering expert----Huanan Polytech university Zhang Xiaoyu and New Zealand Professor Glyn and Irina to introduce mechanics – experience design methods and analytical data testing methods to further promote the new mechanics in order to increase the general industrial surface design and testing standards to eventually increase the quality of highway construction and extend the highway surface material lifeline.

With CONTROLS being our important client and a long existing partner of Earth Products China Ltd., the Guangdong Traffic Technology Company will collaborate with us in organizing this conference. Mr. Wu Chuanhai will attend the conference and introduce the newest technology used in Guangdong province throughout the recent years. At the end of the conference, we would like to kindly invite visitors to visit Guangdong Traffic Technology Company's highway materials experimental lab, to witness the full gearset of CONTROLS asphalt mixture testing equipments; CONTROLS company software specialist Mr. Steve will demonstrate the newest released software IMCAS2 control and data analysis system along with the new UTS Neutron software.

1. Conference Details

Main Hosts
Guangdong Traffic Technology Ltd.
Earth Products China Ltd.

Conference Date
March 20th 2019  Meet at Yi He Hotel
March 21st - 22nd 2019 Yi He Hotel Conference
March 22nd 2019 Noon Guangdong Traffic Technology Lab Visit

Conference Location
Yi He Hotel
Visit Location
Guangdong Traffic Technology Lab Visit

2. Conference Schedule

3. Speakers

Glynn Holleran
  • Managing Director Advanced Asphalt Technologies Ltd
  • NZ/ Research Fellow University Of Auckland
  • Leading Pavement Expert Asghal QSD Anas Qatar

Professor Glynn throughout his 50 years of learning and career, he has dedicated himself to highway asphalt material and structural research on areas of crude oil refining, materials development, surface design, highway conservation and regeneration, highway performance detection and evaluation etc development criterias. Professor Glynn specializes in binders and mixes and their applications in pavements. Bitumen Chemistry crude selection and processing, Performance binder and mixes, bitumen Refining Crude assessment for bitumen, pavement design and rehabilitation, mixture design especially in rejuvenation and recycling of asphalt, and performance mix design, Superpave, NZTA M/10.  Authored or co-authored over 190 scientific publications. Includes high impact journal papers (36) Winner of The Australian Road Research Board Directors Prize for best paper at the 14th International ARRB Conference in 1988.  Have presented original work at company and external conferences in Australia, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Russia, India, Ethiopia, Panama, Eritrea, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Cambodia, Mexico, Jamaica, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Romania, Austria, Thailand, Malaysia, Germany , Czech Republic ,Indonesia , Canada ,Philippines, Qatar, Vietnam and USA. He is also 4 Managing Director Awards for Outstanding Contributions to Emoleum/ Mobil.  Including Bitumen emulsions/ Polymer Bitumen/Asphalt Concrete/ Bitumen Refining/ Bitumen Chemistry. Mobil Special Products International Group Imaginer Of the Year Award 1994 "Polymer Modified Bitumen". Chairman's Award, Mobil Oil Corporation USA Quality Forum 1994. The holder of four Australian, New Zealand, USA and PCT patents (sealed or pending) on Refining and Bituminous Products. Associations with University of California, Berkeley and Davis, Texas A&M University, NCAT, University Of Wisconsin, ARRB. University of Auckland (final year, masters, Phd and post Doc students), University Of Canterbury ( masters students).  Roads University Omsk, Tyumen Technical University, Voronezh University. WRI University Of Wyoming.Oregon State University, Chico sate university (USA). Technical University Of Mubai, University Of Malaya. And many more.

Irina Holleran
  • New Zealand Advanced Asphalt Technology Ltd. Manager
  • Qatar National Road Quality and Safety Department Senior Researcher
Irina Holleran is Senior Researcher at QSD-Anas in Qatar developing new systems and directing the R&D laboratory at PWA facility Najma Doha. She is also a Director at Advanced Asphalt Technologies Ltd, as well as a PhD candidate at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the University of Auckland studying advanced sustainable open-graded porous asphalt mixes for NZ conditions. She has 17 years of international industry experience including work in New Zealand, Australia, Russia, USA, Malaysia and India.  She is an author or co-author of many technical publications presented in New Zealand and internationally. A recipient of Fulton Hogan Managing Director innovation awards (twice), and “Fulton Hogan Planet award” for significant contribution towards the implementation of sustainable practices in road construction by incorporation of dense-graded millings from road surfacing mixes (at the end of life) back into new asphalt mix surfaces without compromising asphalt mix performance. Fulton Hogan Auckland region, where Irina was working on the incorporation of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) in surfacing and base mixes, is now the biggest user of RAP in the country, which saves valuable NZ resources, such as aggregates and bituminous binder. She has significantly contributed to this success. She is taking this success to a new level studying the recycling of aged porous asphalt surfaces (around 95% of Auckland motorways are paved with this type of surfacing) into a high value new porous asphalt mixes as her PhD topic. 
In March 2016, at IPENZ-Transportation Group conference, Irina won the award for Highly Commended Student Paper category for her paper “Porous asphalt – More Than Just Safety”. This paper highlighted the important role porous asphalt mix can play in achieving sustainability targets and a cleaner environment in New Zealand.  
In February 2016, she was selected as a finalist for Hays National Association of Women in Construction Excellence Awards in “Outstanding Achievement in Design” award category. This selection was carried out by NAWIC (National Association of Women in Construction) to recognise the achievements of individuals who had significantly contributed to a construction project in design disciplines. Irina provided asphalt mix designs, technical support for asphalt mix manufacture and troubleshooting in the field for Tauranga East Link (TEL) project, one of the biggest construction projects in NZ. 
Irina has worked on the assessment of bituminous materials performance for many years. She was one of the initiators and writers of Performance-Based binder specification NZTA M1-A: 2016 “Performance Specification for Asphalt Binders”. Irina presented this work with her current ATT colleague on behalf of the technical group (the key technical people from construction companies and NZTA). This specification is the first performance based specification in Australasia on bituminous binders. 

Zhang Xiaoyu
  • Huanan Polytech University Highway Research Professor
  • State Councils Special Allowance Expert
Professor Zhang Xiaoyu is China's famous highway engineering expert. He has up-to-date trained 56 Doctorial Candidates, 76 Master Researchers and published more than 300 research papers. He was awarded 3 times with countries technology performance award and 19 times provincial technology improvement awards, with 11 patents awarded.


Wu Chuanhai
  • Guangdong Traffic Technology Ltd.
  • Chief Expert, Vice Engineer, Highway Engineer Doctor, Senior Engineer
Wu Chuanhai is Guangdong provincial highway engineering expert, who found the total solution to tropical area highway surface destruction issues. Wu Chuanhai has attended and held Guangdong provincial traffic department and provincial traffic department group technology projects multiple times and was awarded with multiple levels of technology improvement awards. His papers of 30 and more, EI has recognized 6 and ISTP 1.

Kieran McGrane
  • CONTROLS GROUP Marketing Director
Mr. Kieran has 30 more years of experience in the field and is responsible for the CONTROLS Groups marketing strategy and actions including digital, web, technical copywriting, product management, IPC Global products promotion, pre-sales technical support. Mr. Kieran is more than familiar with IPC dynamic materials testing system and China UTM, AMPT dynamic materials testing technological applications. His qualifications allowed him to recruit, appoint, train, and manage a network of distributors in all continents. Moreover, Mr. Kieran has established a corperate branding to poistion IPC Global (Now CONTROLS Group) as premium global supplier of advanced materials testing products.

Steve King
  • CONTROLS GROUP Software Development Expert

Mr. Steve has ever since IPC Global, provided Global user technology service with UTS, helping users develop new ways in experimental testing, upgrading UTS software. Steve is also the main developer of the UTS Neutron Software. With his lead, the new software not only holds the unique characteristics of the previous versions but also adding on new specifications, empowering the software also making it more personalized.

4. Conference Fee

The attendee shall expect a conference fee of $800, which includes conference information and meals. Travel expenses and Living expenses are not included. To manage meal preps more easily, please apply for Yi He Hotel, the prices and room types can be found here.

Please fill in the form and submit your fee
before march 18th
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Account: 699057755616
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