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Important Notice! 2019 Earthquake Observation Technology Exchange Conference
Release time:2019-06-27

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2019 Earthquake Observation Technology Exchange Conference

Dear leaders and experts:

In recent years, the Internet of things technology, the gradual integration of strong vibration observation technology and the application of strong vibration monitoring instruments in various fields has developed rapidly. Strong earthquake monitoring instruments have made a great progress in various performance indicators. At the same time, with the rapid increase in the number of large-scale projects and important structures such as nuclear power plants, LNG, dams, bridges and high-rise buildings; strong vibration observations have received more and more attention.

In this context, in order to better implement our national defense disaster reduction policy, promoting the progress and development of strong vibration observation theory and practice, the development of China's strong vibration observation technology are important to solve the major engineering technical problems. Earth Products China Limited and GeoSIG from Swiss will hold the "2019 Earthquake Observation Technology Exchange Conference" in Dalian from 16th to 17th August 2019.  We will invite experts from GeoSIG and other domestic industry experts to share and exchange in the conference.

We sincerely invite you to attend our meeting.





Organizer:                Earth Products China Limited

Support Unit:            GeoSIG

Registration time:     16 August, 2019

Conference time:      17 August, 2019

Venue:                       Liaoning·Dalian (specific location to be determined)




1. Exchange time for the development trend of strong earthquake observation technology and structural array observation technology

2. New Product Release - GeoSIG Strong Earthquake Observation Series

3. Strong earthquake observation product installation and maintenance

4. Exchange and discuss the application cases and experience of strong earthquake observation technology in various fields



Conference fee and registration method


Conference fee

The conference is free of charge. The organizer will provide the conference materials, venues, meals, etc. Fee is excluded from the transportation and accommodation expenses. Please fill in the registration form for the participation of the conference.


Registration method

1. Please fill in the registration form and return it to the following contact email before 10 August 2019:

Contact:    Li Fang

Phone:     020-29090972
Mobile:     13265348101


Contact:   Li Chao

Tel:           025-83190370-8010

Mobile:     15005185537


2. Please follow our official WeChat of "Earth Products China Limited"

Refer to the registration form and enter your personal information to finish the registration.



2019 Earthquake Observation Technology Exchange Conference Registration Form




Details of Participate expect and support units

Participate expect


Reza Gadim

GeoSIG Marketing Director, Engineering Doctor, Senior Seismic Observation Specialist

Dr. Ghadim has worked at GeoSIG for more than 10 years. He maintains his support with more than 30 partners around the world, providing support and solutions. He also represented GeoSIG at numerous exhibitions, seminars and conferences around the world. He has lots of extensive experience in seismic and vibration monitoring solutions.

Support Unit

GeoSIG is system manufacturer and solution provider from Switzerland. They provide superior instrumentation, state-of-the-art systems and solutions for seismic, vibration, structural, dynamic and static monitoring and measurement.

GeoSIG is comprised of highly dedicated and talented experts with years of professional experience, a wide range of strong vibration and seismic recorders, sensors and civil engineering monitoring systems, and providing high quality instrumentation and networking systems. Since 1992, GeoSIG has established a permanent position and has significant experience in the development of systems for scientific, engineering and industrial applications.

To ensure the leadership position of the industry, GeoSIG has always focused on the latest technology. GeoSIG has successfully launched a number of outstanding products. They are recognized and well known in the seismic and civil engineering markets. The design of the GeoSIG instrument took into account of the future. The open architecture, cutting-edge digital electronics and the use of advanced engineering equipment enable system design to deliver the strong functions and flexibility for meeting the future instrumentation and monitoring needs.

For more information, please contact Earth Products China Limited.

Service hotline:   400-700-9998


Official website:

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