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2019 foundation and geotechnical engineering testing seminar
Release time:2019-08-30

On 2019/07/31, Earth Product China held the 2019 foundation and geotechnical engineering testing seminar at WuHan. The seminar was a success, attracting civil engineers from all over China such as Hubei, Xianxi, Beijing.

The seminar commenced with positive learning atmosphere with production manager of different departments consecutively exchanging and discussing ideas surrounding the topic of onshore and offshore construction designs, survey and work inspection. The discussion revolved around the practicability, advancement and advantages of recent technologies in the field of Foundation, geotechnical and nondestructive testing.

Production Managerof Foundation Department Xiaolin Xu, with his profound knowledge and experience, accurately dissected the practical advantages of high and low strain technologies, and briefly went over his experiences in data analysis. Furthermore, he introduced new quality inspection methods for drilling hole of cast-in-place pile, ensuring the quality of inspections and provided frontline engineers a valuable lesson in foundation testing.

Earth Product China Limited Product Manager of Pile Foundation Department Xiaolin Xu

Production Manager of Geotechnical Department Hong Jing, on the other hand, uses statistics to highlight the development and practices of fiber optic related detection system as well as the importance of safety checks in Chinese water reserves, highways, railways and slopes.

Earth Product China Limited Product Manager of Geotechnical Department Hong Jing

While Chief Technical Director and Product Manager of Nondestructive Product Department Xiaoyan Zhang gave an excellent presentation on the inseparable relationship between Foundation testing technology and nondestructive testing technologies. According a survey done by the US transportation department, 79.5% of the bored pile construction uses NDT’s equipment and technologies. Xiaoyan Zhang believes the integration of NDT and foundation testing technology will greatly enhance our bored pile construction’s quality.

Earth Product China Limited Product Manager of Nondestructive Product Department Xiaoyan Zhan
To overcome the limitations of indoor soil testing in onshore and offshore engineering, Product Manager of Intu-product Department Joang Cheng evaluated examples of overseas in-stu testing technologies for different soils. Ultimately creating a comprehensive picture for various solutions tackling limitations indoor soil testing.

Earth Product China Limited Product Manager of Intu-product Department Joang Cheng

One of the greatest highlights of this seminar is the exhibitions of technologies for different fields of testing. Examples of foundation testing equipment would include the exhibition of the ergonomically designed Pile Driving Analyzer PDA-8G and Pile Integrity Tester PIT-QFV. While the exhibition of nondestructive testing technology includes the ground penetrating radar GPR Live, ultrasonic pulse velocity and pulse echo tomography Pundit Array Live, rebound hammer Schmidt hammer developed by Proceq. The exhibition was well received and attracted much attention from our distinguished guests.

Earth Product China Limited will continue to host similar seminars in the future, and we look forward to your participations in our future events!
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