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New Product Announcement | GeoSIG newest Multichannel Central Recording System
Release time:2019-08-30

fora/ fɔːrə/Named after Piz Fora of Switzerland

Multichannel Central Recording system Fora

Fora’s modular architecture and industry standard interfaces offer high versatility, easy expansion, upgradeability and long-term availability of spare parts. Its design is based on years of experience in creating solutions for earthquake, seismic, structural, dynamic and static monitoring. 
User-configurable periodical sensor test and periodical state of health (SOH) report based on comprehensive test of the instrument, which can be requested at any time, offers assurance of system reliability.


Key Features

  • Unlimited number of channels by combining 36 channel modules
  • Dynamic range - 137 dB, 150 dB*
  • Individual D-S ADC per channel - 24-bit, 32-bit*
  • Adjustable sampling rates up to 2000 sps, 5000 sps*
  • True simultaneous sampling with shared clock for up to 36 channels
  • Internal Fast SSD hard drive up to 1TB with SATA interface and high storage capacity. Mirroring function on SD card* or USB drive*
  • Built-in display for easy inspection of status and parameters
  • Support for interconnection of multiple devices
  • Support for DVI output for direct graphical visualization of data and configuration*
  • USB interface for external, removable storage media and communication devices
  • Continuous and trigger-based recording
  • Simultaneous data streaming to several clients
  • Wired Ethernet; enhanced connectivity via external landline modems*, 3G cellular devices*, satellite links* and serial links*
  • TCXO time base with GNSS (GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU) or NTP synchronisation
  • Configuration and status monitoring via Web Interface compatible with Smartphones/Tablets
  • Simple and secure communication over internet or intranet with full remote management
  • 3 option slots for adding peripherals
  • Alarm output* with up to 8 independent relays flexibly configurable for different types of events (through 2x4 alarm option boards)
  • Power redundancy through dedicated battery input (internal battery charger included)
  • Extremely compact and modular with higher channel density than ever

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