K. Wah Asphalt recyling
Release time:2013-03-25
K. Wah Asphalt Limited under the Hong Kong K. Wah Group has acquired crushing and screening equipment from Australia's RUBBLR MASTER for effective asphalt recycling, reducing their cost of production.


To recycle older asphalt, K Wah Asphalt limited collects asphalt from older roads and remove concrete, sands and stones from the asphalt collected. K Wah Asphalt limited then crushes and screens them to create usable asphalt materials for road renovation projects. 


To make asphalt recycling a reality, K. Wah asphalt limited has purchased a RM 60 crusher, VS60 pre-screen and CS3600 post-screen from RUBBLE MASTER. The collected asphalt is first fed into VS60 to screen out unwanted materials and then conveyed to the storage unit. The RM60 then crushes pieces of asphalt to make them usable as raw materials. These materials are then sent to CS3600 for screening, where they are sorted by their diameters, 0-6mm and 6-20mm, which serves different purposes. Finally, the recycled asphalt is mixed with new materials in factories to produce asphalt products that are ready to be used in road construction, maintenance and renovation.


This set of crushing and screening equipment can produce up to 40 tons of materials per hour. With the current market price, the payback period will not last more than half a year. Not only does asphalt recycling reduces solid waste pollution, it also makes an impressive amount of profit, hitting two birds with one stone.

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