ASFT-T-5 Trailer CFME
Highway and Bridge Inspection
    ASFT T-5 Trailer Road CFME is covered in the standard for road friction measurement ISO IS 8349 developed by ISO subcommittee TC22/SC9 working group WG3 and ASTM 2340. The typical measuring tire is either the smooth ASTM 1551, or Trelleborg T49 road tire. The T-5 trailer can also be equipped with a self-watering system. The standard tank capacity is 500 liters, but any size can be custom made. ASFT CFME correlates to British Pendulum & Scrim at three different target speeds 30, 60 and 90 km/h.
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T-5 Trailer Design
ASFT has more than 15 years of experience in constructing continuous friction measuring equipment (CFME).
The T-5 Trailer was developed in order to enable ASFT to offer customers a complete choice from a wide product range of friction measurement equipment.
The T-5 trailer is based around a modified version of the rear axle found in the integrated ASFT’s.
The trailer built around the axle is relatively light, andweight is then added by carefully positioned leadweight.
This combined with a unique suspension system ensures balance, stability, good road handling and most importantly reliable measuring results.
ASFT New Generation (NG) Computer System
Combines all our knowledge about friction testing and adds new technology to make the handling and administration of measure results easier, faster and safer.
We have added all the functionality that you can expect from a system designed today.
The main goals of New Generation ASFT CFME has been:
· Standard reliable proven techniques
· Traceability of measure results
· Authentication of operators
· Global mapping service
· Ability to save GPS position of results
· Ability to remotely monitor use of the equipment and realtime viewing of measuring
· Embedded Windows Operation System with touch screen computer
· Bluetooth between measuring and operating computer
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