RobertsonGeo - RGeo-eye
Well Logging System
      Model: RGeo-eye
      Country of Origiin: UK
    RGeo-Eye® is a slimline, full colour, downward view camera, operating on 4-core cable at high transmission rate, and is directly compatible with existing Robertson Geo winches and surface systems. It enables the acquisition of high-quality video feed for deep subsurface operations.
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RGeo-eye Borehole Camera System


Camera employs a downward facing window with a fish-eye lens fully corrected for lens distortion before data is compressed and sent uphole. An LED light source, with controllable brightness is integral to the probe. Output is full 24bit colour H264 format video file that can be converted to MP4 that can be opened with standard video players.


Primarily used for inspection of water wells, mine shafts, cavities and joint/casing condition. Camera can descend to beyond 1000m. 360⁰ side view can be software derived for detailed inspection of walls and casing (available late 2020 with GeoCad). Works in dry or water filled boreholes and shafts.


43mm diameter probe. For larger diameter shafts (5m+) the limiting factor is the amount of light that can be generated.


-Borehole and casing integrity inspection
-Surveillance of mines, shafts, caverns and voids
-Assessment of deep concrete piles
-Pre-logging borehole examination
-Damage detection in subsurface structures

Operating Conditions

Borehole Type: Air / water-filled; open hole or cased hole
Recommended Logging Speed: 2 - 5m/min
Depth rating: 3,000m / 4-core cable


Diameter: 43mm
Length: 1,000mm
Weight: 5kgs
Communication rate: 1Mbs
Resolution: 15 frames per sec SVGA (800x600)
Max temperature: 70°C
Max pressure: 5,000 psi
Frontal LED internal array, with adjustable lighting intensity
Additional lighting options for large diameter voids
CE compliant

RGeo-eye Borehole Camera Software

Acquisition Software

•Recording video and screen shots
•Resolution control
•Lighting control
•Text editing
•Depth recording